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Leading Regulatory and Law Enforcement Evidence and Brief Management System

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Key Features

Increase Efficiency

Significantly reduce investigation time frames. Increase capacity and capability of front line services through innovative investigative technology. Do more (investigations) with less (resources).

Reduce Risk

Replace individual evidence and brief management practices with consistent strategic methodologies. Proven to reduce risk associated with investigations through technology driven pathways.

Improve Quality

Increase quality of investigations through evidence to offence element mapping, real time evidence evaluation, automated brief checking and event chronologies.

Electronic Evidence Briefs

Electronic briefs of evidence (eBriefs), investigator statements, and other compliance reports are built systematically and automatically as investigation progresses.

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What is COMtrac?

COMtrac is the evolution of inspection, audit, investigation and brief management technology for law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

COMtrac is a leading Australian Investigation Management System that serves as a best practice framework for managing all aspects of investigations from inception through to prosecution. COMtrac provides a digital and mobile environment where investigative and exploratory work is strategically guided and managed to ensure efficient, effective and legally robust outcomes. COMtrac is an operational tool that is simple to use, easily configured, and cost effective. COMtrac is the future of investigations ... Today.

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