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Incident investigations or audits primary objectives are not always to find fault but also to investigate incidents to determine immediate actions, root causes, corrective actions and communications to prevent a reoccurrence.

An incident investigation or audit is often designed to determine whether there was a failure in one or more procedures, equipment, environment, and persons.

As with any investigation, the key to efficiency and effectiveness is to ensure that a strategic plan is created and followed throughout the life of the investigation.   COMtrac sets the investigation objectives to determine contributory factors that might fall under the categories of:

Investigators then map the information and evidence against each category as the investigation progresses. As the investigation progresses the incident report is automatically built in the background, which identifies which contributory areas have been examined and the relevant findings.

COMtrac will provide an environment where all aspects of incident investigations including gathering evidence, determining causes and identifying corrective actions can be recorded and managed efficiently. Corrective action can be a costly exercise for any agency or company and subsequently the decision to implement new preventative measures (or take administrative action against responsible persons) should be an ‘evidence’ based decision.

Supported by the investigators notebook (iNB) mobile device application for field based investigative activity, COMtrac will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all incident investigations, simple or complex and ensure that corrective action is justifiable and defensible.

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