The future of investigations - today

Administrative investigations into misconduct or other breaches of workplace legislation are governed by the same principles of natural justice and procedural fairness as criminal investigations

Although the standard of proof is lower, administrative investigations still need to be conducted in an environment that promotes a high level of professionalism and procedural fairness at all times.

As with criminal investigations, COMtrac ensures that administrative investigations are planned and carried out with a clear strategic direction. On selecting the relevant breach of the code of conduct, employment agreement or workplace legislation, COMtrac automatically creates an investigation plan so the key objectives (or required points of proof) form the foundation of the administrative investigation. This ensures that the information and evidence gathered, upon which administrative action is taken, is mapped and recorded accurately and effectively.

COMtrac will record and track investigative activity and automate the investigation report.  The evidence analytical tools provide an effective platform upon which administrative decision makers can select the most appropriate and defensible action in response to the nature and seriousness of the breach.

COMtrac automates the evidence gathering process so that investigator statements, investigation reports and evidence matrices are automatically built as the investigation progresses. This increases the response time of investigations and allows investigators and managers the opportunity to make an informed decision at any point during the investigation to proceed, take action or even withdraw complaints.

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