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COMtrac is a logical and intuitive work-flow tool which will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal, civil and administrative investigations and/or inspections. COMtrac is a unique product that reverse engineers from a brief of evidence or administrative decision.

COMtrac automatically elementises offences applying a practical and intuitive world-first project management approach. COMtrac is for any agency with a regulatory, administrative, fact finding or law enforcement or audit role.

COMtrac has been developed in Australia. A product of Investigation Management Australia - a company with over 50 years experience in policing, compliance, enforcement and regulation at the Local, State and Commonwealth level.

At a Glance

  • Generates an element based investigation, inspection or audit plan
  • Real time analysis of the evidentiary state of investigations
  • Self generating electronic brief of evidence
  • Automatically prepares investigator witness statements
  • Stores and manages evidence
  • Maps investigative activity to lawful authority
  • Identifies evidence shortfalls and potential defences
  • Maps evidence to offences, elements and proofs
  • Contains prosecutors analytical tool
  • Generates business intelligence for regulatory reporting

What is COMtrac?

With an Australian innovation patent for a unique 'investigation management method and system' COMtrac is an innovative and intuitive product that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your investigation, inspection or audit program.

Quite simply, COMtrac re-engineers investigative and regulatory processes, building key documents (Authorised Officer Witness Statement, Exhibit Register etc) and 'outcomes' (Brief of Evidence, Compliance Report etc) from the commencement of an inspection, audit or investigation.

COMtrac provides an intuitive and practical inspection, audit, investigation and brief management system conceived out of real investigation and policing experience and through an extensive analysis of investigative best practices. Many case management systems are about reporting the investigations. COMtrac is all about supporting the inspections and investigations.

COMtrac is the patented product of 3 years of research and development into designing a system that will eliminate or significantly reduce the impediments to increased investigation productivity.  COMtrac does this by providing the tools and environment within which the ‘exploratory work’ of investigations is supported and managed.  COMtrac will save time, effort and resources, while ensuring greater legal certainty, and a more consistent and robust work flow approach.

COMtrac is not a complaints management database. Unlike most complaint and case management databases that focus on 'transactional work', COMtrac's technology is based on supporting and improving the 'exploratory work' undertaken during investigations.  COMtrac specifically assists law enforcement and regulatory officers ‘manage and assess’ inspections and investigations by providing an environment within which the 'exploratory work' undertaken during investigations is managed.

Practical features of COMtrac include; creating inspection, audit and investigation plans, automating the elements of offences, creating contemporaneous running sheets, automating investigators statements, evidence analysis, and exhibit registration.

COMtrac generates the brief of evidence as the investigation progresses – saving investigators time and administrative efforts. COMtrac also provides a range of functions to assist team leaders and managers to oversee the progress and state of inspections, audits or investigations. COMtrac may also be used to present evidence in legal proceedings through the provision of an electronic brief of evidence.

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce costs associated with prolonged, unsuccessful or poorly managed inspections, audits or investigations
  • The small, per-user, annual fee for using COMtrac is a very small price to pay when compared with the efficiency and staff productivity gains that result

Simplify & Save Time

  • Investigators or other staff need only enter simple data and upload exhibits into COMtrac – the system does the rest
  • Save over 50% of staff time by automating the administrative functions of an inspection or investigation
  • Share the case load with other investigators in remote locations

Increase Productivity

  • COMtrac automatically elementises all offences – resulting in consistent and strategic inspection, audit or investigative and brief management processes
  • Increase regulatory efficiency with COMtrac managing the administrative burdens of your inspections, audits and investigations
  • Use of intuitive reporting to monitor case load, efficiency and effectiveness

Electronic Evidence Briefs

  • Avoid reputational harm from poor practices through a streamlined and professional approach
  • Decrease legal risks associated with investigations

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